Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Why I Believe I'm Being Healed Even When I Don't Feel Like It

Today is a treatise. Maybe it's an arguement. It's been rolling around in my head for a while now and needs to come out.

#1. If you want to see God - look at Jesus. I mean, that's God. Jesus said that He and the Father were one. The same. Cut from the same cloth. Same Spirit. What would God do? Exactly what Jesus did.

So when Jesus came to earth - and walked among us - He did exactly what God would do.

#2. And when it came to disease and illness and sickness... What did Jesus do? Rebuked it. Healed it. Every time.... Was there ever a time when He didn't? When Jesus said, "No?" Never! He always healed. Sometimes he asked for a sign of faith or a request. Sometimes he let the person articulate their desire for healing. Sometimes he dealt with the sins in a person's life first. But he never let a disease go unhealed. He ALWAYS healed the disease. EVERY time.

Don't you think that's significant? Must have been many many times he was asked to heal. Maybe hundreds. Maybe thousands. And never a recorded case of refusal. That is significant!

So when I present my case before Jesus asking for my healing. What do you think He'll say?

I just can't imagine the same God saying, "No." I just can't. I see Him saying, "Yes, Dwayne, I have a purpose for this disease. I have a plan for it in your life and for the lives of those around you. But I do plan to bring you out of it."

#3. On the other hand, there are the testimony of the martyrs. These are the people that God has chosen to allow to die for His good purpose. They are chosen for this special plan to bring great honor and glory to God by their death. It is a priviledge only for a few. Hebrews 11 speaks of them as people of great faith. Many of them chose this death over life. Actually chose it.

So does God allow people to die for Him and His cause? Yes.

#4. Along the same vein, there are such things as natural consequences. Sometimes people just die. They die of car accidents. Drunk drivers. Heart attack. And Cancer. It's just a part of the crazy world we live in. Unfortunately, we've messed up a lot of our world. We've gotten it into a unhealthy state. Environmental damage. Unhealthy eating. Cancinogens in our food supply. Stuff like that. God allows the results of our actions. He doesn't always interfere with the natural outplaying of our free will. And that means that some folks die of cancer. Will that be me?

So what is to become of me? I play these arguements around in my head every day. My fears assault me. Can I guarantee my healing? No. Do I know the mind of God on this? No. But I do have the faith to believe that God can and would heal me.

And if I have that faith to ask for it....
And if I have the faith to believe that He would do it....
Then I must have the faith to live like it!
Even when some of the symptoms persist!

However, my ultimate hope and trust is in the character of God.
And my ultimate desire is to honor Him in my life (however long that is)
And my ultimate reward will be the trust that I afford Him in doing His best in my body....
And I will trust Him! And I will make this day count for eternity! And I will put my fears into His hands. And I will say, "My life is in your hands!" Do as you see best!

I went to our care group last night and was I ever blessed! I think everyone should have a small group that learns to eat, play, laugh, cry and pray together! Why don't they? We decided to read a book entitled, Where is God when It Hurts? I'm really looking forward to that. A small community of friends. We band of brothers (and sisters)! I'm sure glad that the life of being a follower of Jesus Christ is a life of community!


At July 12, 2005, Blogger Brad said...

Good to see you are still at it. I missed not hearing from you yesterday. Seems we want 2 things. (1.) To be instantly healed and (2.) to always be in the place God wants us to be. He promised to bring us to His side but He never promised the Journey would be easy. Point 2 is what gives me comfort. Anything is worth it, if someday I can hear him say "Well done Brad, I have been watching you."
"Well done Dwayne...".
Keep on Keeping on. The best is yet to come!

At July 12, 2005, Anonymous Darren said...

"And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written." John 21:25

No room for doubt, my brother.

At July 12, 2005, Blogger Bruce said...

Matt. 4:24 "News about him spread far beyond the borders of Galilee so that the sick were soon coming to be healed from as far away as Syria. And whatever their illness and pain, or if they were possessed by demons, or were epileptics, or were paralyzed--he healed them all."

The other day I read this verse, and I thought of you, I wondered if Jesus healed like that back then, what's to stop him from healing like that in the present?

At July 12, 2005, Blogger 'Thought & Humor' said...

Prayed for you today...

At July 12, 2005, Blogger Barbara said...

Many times in the Bible, Jesus said, 'thy faith hath made thee whole" - to the woman with the issue of blood, the daughter who was vexed with a devil, the blind man who received his sight, the Samaritan. I'm sure there were many never mentioned here. But, what He has done for one, He will do for another!

It's up to us to trust fully in the Lord, and never lose sight of His promises.

Still praying for your total healing!


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