Sunday, June 26, 2005

Humbled by a Ministry to Me

Today was Sunday. A day of ministry for me normally. Usually I've put a tonne of work into a message and a lot of planning and preparation and coordination with others to work out a worship service plan that brings people closer to Christ, that serves to meet specific needs in their lives and applies practically to the lives of the people I love so much - my church family and their friends.

Today was Sunday, A day of ministry to me. I had put no work into the worship service. In fact, I had very little idea of what was really going to happen. No one even informed me. Pretty weird for me. I had prayed before I went that God would be a blessing through it to those who attended. That's it.

How would people respond to me?

I went to our "mother church" in the morning. I was really surprised at how incredibly loving they were to me and my wife. Lots of people we know and love came to show their love and tell me they were praying for me. They had a sermon on healing that was fantastic and they prayed over people for healing. I was prayed for and was really blessed through it.

Then I went to our church....

O, man! It was amazing! I am so humbled! The embraces and hugs and care of the people of my church blew me away! You couldn't ask for a greater show of concern for me and my family! I am so amazed at how this group of friends can be so loving.

My family took our usual close to the front seats and we worshipped the same way. But today for me it was so much more intense. I couldn't stop crying sometimes as we sang our worship. Somehow there was an intensity in those songs and my expression of them that was greater than ever before. How can you sing of the power of God the same way after you've just walked this week of His strength in your weakness? You can't! You just weep to try!

There was a time to publicly pray your prayer out loud and I tried, but all I could get out was a simple "Thanks for your strength in my weakness" and I got all choked up. But I was so blessed to hear everyone else pray their prayers of praise to God. Then there was a sermon that was good. But I tried to take all the notes and couldn't keep up. It felt like there was so much good stuff I couldn't take it all in. But the point was about covenental relationships and I really felt like we got the point! We need to covenant to love each other deeply, spiritually, and without expections.

After the service we put in place our interim leadership for the church. I really wanted to see us bless them and pray for them so I asked if we could. I gathered people around them and listened as our people prayed for them. It was BEAUTIFUL! To hear God's people pray for these leaders and the task ahead of them. To have the community affirm them and covenant to them.

I couldn't have asked for anything more. But then they turned to me and prayed for me. And Wow did they pray for me! For my family. For my healing. For my peace....

I'm going for my biopsy tomorrow. This is where they find out if it's really what they expect it to be - cancer. It will confirm if my body has cancer in the kidney, liver and lungs - spreading through it (metastacising). The medical professionals are expecting it and have prepared for me to get straight to the Cancer Center and on to an oncologist as quickly as possible. I'm really thankful for their great work on my behalf. But, I'm praying that they won't find cancer.

Someone today asked me if I was afraid of my biopsy. I was honest with them. Mostly. I told them I wasn't afraid of the biopsy, just the results. Truth is, I'm might be a little afraid of the biopsy too. Not very much though. God has used so many people to minister to me so much today, that I'm still feeling so cared for.

I have a confidence and peace that God will work out His loving purpose in this. And that is more than enough for me to face a scary biopsy. Thank you to the people of God! You humble and amaze me.


At June 26, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dwayne and Janet
Kathy and I received an email from Milt. At first I didn't know what "renal" meant. Then again, when I was diagnosed 7 years ago with "melignant melanoma" I didn't know what it meant either. I now know both! But more importantly we also know that God is faithful and IS walking with you guys at this time as He continues to walk with us. We understand how you chairish the prayers of the saints especially at this time (knowing that sometimes you cry out to pray and can't utter the words) and we will continue to intercede for you two and the kids as the Lord brings you to mind. We love you guys in the Lord.
Bill and Kathy

At June 27, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even though I haven't been a regular attender of Living Hope, I still think of you as "my pastor". When I heard the news I was stunned. It took me a while to really sit and process what everything meant for you and your family. I have always enjoyed your ministry and it makes me sad that I can't go to church and hear you speak. But, instead of waiting for Sunday's (and them missing them...) I can get inspired each and every day by reading your blogs. I'm feeling close to God again. This is something that hasn't happened in a long time.
I know the Lord has a plan for you that is far greater than anything you could possibly imagine. You are still pastoring in a way I'm sure you never would have dreamed for yourself. I take inspiration from you, I always have, but especially now. You and your family are in my constant prayers and thoughts. Pleast take comfort in knowing that you are touching the lives of many writing these blogs.

At June 27, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dwayne and Janet
I recieved an email today from my sister in bolivia letting me know about your what a blow that someone my age :o)) and a couple of people I use to be fairly close with in Bible school are going through this. That is quite the shocker....the funny thing is I have meant to call and invite you over for months but it just never seems to get done, but the invitation stands.....Just know that I a praying for you and your healing during this difficult time
Crystal Siemens (use to be Fehr)

At June 27, 2005, Anonymous Colleen Loewen said...

Hi Dwayne & Janet,
Don't know if you remember me. I am Crystal's sister Colleen. My husband and I are missionaries in Tarija, Bolivia. Just recieved an email asking for prayer this morning through some Oskidee friends. What a shock! I just wanted you to know that your family has been in my thoughts and prayers and will continue to be. We will share your need in our church here. God bless..

At June 27, 2005, Anonymous Colleen Loewen said...

Hi Dwayne & Janet,
Don't know if you remember me. I am Crystal's sister Colleen. My husband and I are missionaries in Tarija, Bolivia. Just recieved an email asking for prayer this morning through some Oskidee friends. What a shock! I just wanted you to know that your family has been in my thoughts and prayers and will continue to be. We will share your need in our church here. God bless..

At June 27, 2005, Anonymous Rudy and Anita Dyck said...

Dwayne, Janet & family
Our church has some time of sharing - Joys & Concerns - each Sunday. Yesterday I shared briefly.
Our prayers on your behalf went to our Lord.
Last night Anita & I shared again in our small group. We feel so helpless, yet we can pray. We want you to know there are God's people praying for you.
We are praying for you! May you feel His near presence and caring hand.

Love Uncle Rudy & Aunt Anita

At June 27, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Dwayne (& Janet too),
I heard on June 20 from Andrew that the medical experts had hinted strongly at the "c-word". I was shocked...the wind knocked right outta me! You are young and healthy (except, pardon this little aside, that some people try to tell us that coffee is UNHEALTHY!...yeah, WHATever!!)
As I sit here at the computer I clearly see you in a skit you did many times. In "Help Me" you convincingly hung over an imaginary cliff from an also imaginary rope, clinging to the rope and asking for help. As I've read your journal entries, I see you tying a knot in the proverbial rope and clinging to the one true Helper.
Please know that the church here is upholding you and the whole Harms family in prayer. You and Janet and your parents, Shawna, and Karsten are constantly in my prayers. I'll continue to pray for healing and for you to see God's hand proving abundantly able in all your needs.
Joanne Derksen (Goodzeck)

At June 27, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI, I don't know you or your family, however I received an email with your story. I want to pass along what I was reading today. Psalm 145:1-21

I hope and pray all your tests will go well, and that your results are accurate and that you will be provided with the best medical care.

At June 27, 2005, Anonymous Pastor Dona said...

Dwayne and Janet;
Your brothers and sisters at Hosanna House are standing with you in prayer. What a mighty God we serve, nothing absolutely nothing is to difficult for Him.
Rest, Recieve, and Know that He is God.

At June 28, 2005, Anonymous Brian Turner said...

Some things never change. I fell asleep during the sermon tonight (June 27) for about 10-15 mins. It's so nice and cozy in the balcony sometimes :). Going to service means so much more to me now than it used to. YOU are the main reason for this change in my perception. I have been praying to God (something I'm a bit of an amateur at, I'll admit) for you and yours. If not for an all out recovery, at least for the peace that our Lord Jesus can put in our souls in times like these. To paraphrase a favorite song of mine:
"When I find myself in times of trouble, my Lord Jesus comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be."
God's will be done, DH.
Hang in there.
Your brother in Christ
Brian (AKA Newbie)

At June 29, 2005, Blogger funkdubius said...

My wife and I attend West Portal, and unfortunately we missed the healing service, but we heard your story through some friends in our care group. It has really touched my heart and reminded me how important family is. I am a new father and couldn't imagine going through what you have. God has really given you more strength than you realize and he will provide you with the strength you need to endure. I just wanted you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers and that you are doing a great ministry with this blog. It will touch many hearts and I can see through some of the replies that it has touched many already. God is doing many good things through you Dwayne and Janet, that I can see. I am very thankful for this ministry and will pray for the strength for you to continue it.
In Christ
Jason, Sandi and Xander

At July 06, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Dwayne,
Hi Dwayne, your mother called me today leaving a message to call. Her line continues to ring busy and I had a feeling- after googling you I found the news. I am shocked at the impact people have in your life and the pain that can suddenly well up inside when you know a brother is hurting. I always wished that you were really my brother and I will continue to hold you up in the name of our Father, which does make us family.


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