Saturday, July 16, 2005

We're all Dying of Cancer

The cells that make up our bodies are generally healthy cells. Good hearty cells. The kind of cells that make a body proud. Robust and strong. They all have a job to do. The red blood cells deliver the oxygen to the muscle cells and the muscle cells retract and contract to give us the strength and mobility that we need. Strong cells make up bones and organs and each do their job wonderfully. Indeed, the inside workings of our bodies should set us with such a sense of awe and wonder that when we stop to think about it, we burst into an awe-struck praise to our Maker and Creator for the wonderful job that He did in assembling such a complex system to work so well for us.

But there's a dark side to this as well. Abnormal cells. That's right. Not every cell in our body is cooperating right now. Some cells start to grow right and then they deform and develop unhealthy. They form an ugly cancer-growth and begin to multiply themselves in an agressive and dangerous way. In fact, I understand that there is some abnormally cancer-type cells in every single person's body. Right now. In everyone. Our body will send out cells to fight this cancer and a battle rages on inside us.

This is happening in every human body in the world. Cancer. It's in every single one of us. Most of us didn't even know it. At least we certainly didn't think of it. We're all dying of cancer. Our bodies are breaking down and some of us will succumb to this dreaded disease. The rest of us will fight it our whole lives. Eventually the body breaks down and we all die.

Today I read the beginning of Judges. What a discouraging beginning. This frustrating Israelite nation were supposed to drive out the Canaanite people in the land and take the land for themselves. Over and over they were warned to completely destroy the Canaanite people. Don't let any of them live. Because if you do, they will become a "thorns in your sides" and "a snare to you". Well, guess what? The Israelites didn't get rid of all the sinful influence. They let some live. And what happened? It was horrible. Like a little mold on the bread, it ruined so much and made so many people "sick".

I read it in God's Word. Cancer is just like sin. We all have a propensity to sin. Every day. All the time. I fall short of the perfect and ideal way that I am to live. Do I live up to the holiness of God. No way. I have a selfish thought every day. It pollutes my mind. It clogs up my purity. And if I don't deal with those accumulation of those thoughts. They begin to form a "growth". An unhealthy way of living.

So each day I have to begin with a cleansing. Each night I have to complete my day with cleansing. Total and complete cleansing. I need to get rid of the bad "cells" and wipe them out. And confession is how I do it. Every day.

Dear God,
I've not lived today perfectly. I've not kept my mind on You and on what is holy. I've allowed pride to slip in. I've allowed selfishness to slip in. If I try to clean myself up, I'll never get myself cleaned up. I need Your cleansing. Total and complete. Please forgive me with the power of Jesus Christ and His forgiveness and give me His righteousness.

Then the amazing power of God comes though to clean. It misses nothing. It wipes out bad "cells" completely. We are made so completely clean and whole that we are (for the moment) absolutely perfect! ABSOLUTELY! Imagine that. Nothing impure. Nothing "cancerous". Nothing against us. We're perfect! O what a feeling! There is nothing in the world like complete healing and perfect holiness that comes through confession of sin and the cleansing that comes through Jesus Christ!

Rejoice Dwayne. Your spiritual healing is complete! You are made perfect in the sight of God. Your "cancerous" and self-destructive "growths" are gone. You are perfectly set to function again in the perfect and wonderful design you were made for. You are back to "right". You are set for the day. Breathe deeply. Smile and grin. Start fresh.

P.S. - My family and I are going to a family camp this week. A huge blessing! I don't know if I will be able to post my blog daily - not sure about internet access there. But I will continue to write it and post it whenever I get the chance.


At July 16, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dwayne,

I've been reading your daily blog, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to do it. I like you're title too - Dwayne's Journey.

I guess we're all on a journey through life huh. Like you said too, really we're all in the same boat, we all are filled with cancerous cells. The canerous sin cells came at the moment that Adam and Eve bit that apple and now we're all left to chew on it. It's frustrating, because I'd love to be perfect, I'd love to be cancer free, but in this life it just isn't going to be that way I guess.

I think it's easy for all of us to loose sight on reality too. That our lives on this earth are truly but a wisp in time, like a second in the expanse of eternity. REading your blog helps me focus on what is truly important, and what life is really about - our relationship with Jesus.

REading your blog has made me ponder more about life, etc. I was thinking about faith and life's journey the other day. Can I share my thoughts on it?

I don't see faith as the ability to mentally hold on tight and believe something so thoroughly that somehow you can make something happen. It's not a condtion where the more perfectly you believe, the more likely you are to get your way (to me, faith is not a way of control), like Dorthy clicking her shoes together and wishing/believing she could return to Kansas.

I see faith as trusting God so much that you completely give your issues over to Him. For me faith is more of a "letting go" than a clinging tight. With Faith I think you completely leave it in God's capable hands and completely trust that he has your best interest at heart. Knowing that He would never do anything but that which is going to be something positive in your life, and hopefully others lives; and then you leave it there, at the foot of the cross, with Him. With Faith.

I think when we do things with faith, and ask God to be involved, that even things that start out as negative, end up with positive outcomes. The answers to our prayers, through faith, can take a while to be worked through to a positive completion. God is building a relationship with us, and shaping attitudes and behaviours. Doing that kindly and without overstepping our boundaries, often takes time, and is a process. Asking God to help shape us through the process of faith, makes us become more who He created us to be. He doesn't take over our person, but helps develop us and move us towards our potential. Without the weight of sin in our lives our potential is far greater, I think, than we can ever really imagine. WE are fearfuly and wonderfully made - we just need God's help to get there.

I really do believe that God has heard your prayers. I know how deeply he loves you, and in return for that, how much you care about others. I will pray daily that God will continue to walk with you on Dwayne's Journey of faith. Thank you for sharing you journey, I will continue to read it daily.

P.S. I'm a runner too, although my knee is really bugging me right now. I can really relate to your frustration of not being able to run. Perhaps in eternity we can meet up for a run and have great joints and healthy cells! Cancer/sin free.

At July 16, 2005, Blogger Big Chief said...

I hope you have a great time!


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