Thursday, July 21, 2005

Creating Awe in my Life: God is a Wild Man

There are some people "in there" that scare me. When I get in that place, I'm freaked. Ever been there? A place you don't want to be. Not home. Not a safe place. In fact, a dangerous place.

Like walking into a big full warehouse where you know there are some really big dogs somewhere in there. And they guard the place. But you can't see them right now. You might meet them. Might not. But you're scared. And you don't know what's around the next corner. Why are you here?

Like going on an African safari. It's a great adventure. You might meet some really exciting sights and so you bring your camera and have it around your neck. What a exciting place. You drive around in your vehicle and look for the monkeys and the giraffes. They would be great to see. But wait. Here come a pack of lions. And they look like they've just made a kill. There's blood around their mouths and they look much more dangerous than on the TV. From the safety of your vehicle you already feel much too close. And you realize that your window is open. They're looking at you. Blood-soaked hungry lions. Great view, but I think it's time to close the window.

You travel on and the vehicle begins to break down. Now that's bad. Really bad. Because now you have to exit the safety of the vehicle. If you ever felt scared... it' now. It's one thing to do the safari from the Jeep, it's another to walk it.

In the book of Judges there are some really wild men. They are so unbelievably dangerous they scare me. They kill people in the power of God and in His Spirit! Kill them! Called by God to wipe out entire villages and armies and anyone that comes across their path in the wrong way. These men are used by God! Jephthah and Samson! Wow, these guys blow their top and are filled with the Spirit of God to do massive damage!

All my life I thought of the sort of gentle and kind side of God and the people that He uses for His purposes. And I was right in doing so. But God also used wild men. In fact, He is a wild man! Dangerous! Deadly! He kills people.

I love the description of Aslan by the beavers to the children in the story of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. "Is he safe? O, no!" "But he is good."

I've been thinking about how to create a healthy sense of awe of God in my life. There are several things that create awe. Fear of the Lord creates a sense of awe. Awe leads to worship.
We pay homage to the things that we fear. And I need a real "fear of God". Here in the book of Judges I find it. Here's the place I was talking about - the place of scary people. Here I find that God is dangerous. He is not safe! I should be scared in a sense. Yet, He is good!

Here at Family Camp we have a worship time every day. It's easy to get "used to" it. It can get "normal". And I'd absolutely hate it if that happened to me. Now I fall to my knees. Now my adrenaline pumps! Let the sweat form on my brow as I worship! Let me NEVER be bored in the presence of the Almighty! Let me fear the Lord!


At July 22, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In reference to your last paragraph: AMEN!


At July 23, 2005, Blogger Crystal said...

Hey there Dwayne
I know what you mean.....its so easy since I lead worship every week to take it for granted and not "fall on my knees" before my king. It is soo scary to release that control over your "entire" life but God will reward you for it........
Thanks for the reminder and for sharing

At July 24, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just came home from a week at camp with the Harms family... totally blessed by your ministry to us all... to your friends who read this blog, I encourage steadfast prayer on your behalf...


... the tube ride was awesome!

At July 24, 2005, Anonymous darren said...

To all readers...
Dwayne was taken by air ambulance from Nesslin Lake to Saskatoon Saturday evening. He was in excruciating pain. We are all gripped by Dwayne's incredible message on this blog... and now, more than ever before this man needs our earnest prayers. Let's not leave room for doubt in what God can accomplish. Please remind your prayer chains that Dwayne and Janet, Ashlyn and Tyler need your prayers.


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